To install fropho from source code, you must compile it. No configure script is prepared yet. You must configure the makefile by yourself. An example of the makefile is prepared. In 32-bit environment, to make the example, do in shell,
	cat makefile.32 makefile.common > makefile
In 64-bit case, use ``makefile.64'' instead of ``makefile.32''. Then change the compiler path, math library path and compiler options in the makefile, and type ``make''. You may get a fropho binary.

You should create several helper tools, too. Move to ``rubyTools'' directory and type,

To use ruby tools, RUBYLIB environment have to be set to your rubyTools directory. In bash or zsh cases, write to your .bashrc or .zshrc as follows like,
	if [ -n "$RUBYLIB" ]; then
	  export RUBYLIB=$RUBYLIB:your_rubyTools_directory
	  export RUBYLIB=your_rubyTools_directory
and in csh case, you should use ``setenv''. When using reducePhonon.rb, path to character tables must be specified as follows,
	export FROPHOPATH=your_fropho_source_directory

togo 2009-02-12
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